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Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art

Graduate at the Faculty of Architecture at the Sapienza University of Rome where he also received his PhD in Survey and the Graphic Representation of Built Environment. Actually he is Associate Professor of Drawing (SSD/ICAR17) of the Department of History, Drawing and Restoration of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of Sapienza University of Rome.

He taught Aesthetics and Heuristics, Architectural Drawing, Architectural Surveying, Theory and Representation of Visual and Multimedia Communication.

He was Editor In Chief of “XY dimensioni del disegno” magazine and he is a member of the Editorial Board of “Il Progetto” magazine since its foundation.

He is one of the leading promoters and curators of an international study seminar cycle entitled Ideas for Representation (Roma, 2007; Venezia, 2008; Perugia, 2009; Palermo, 2011; Napoli, 2012; Siracusa, 2013; Aversa, 2014).

He lectured at many national (Perugia, Milano, Napoli, Chieti-Pescara, Camerino) and international universities (Universidad de La Salle, Bogotà, Colombia; Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK; Universidad Rafael Landivar, Ciudad de Guatemala).

His research activity deals with issues related to visual studies, to the history of architectural representation, to visual perception, to digital culture and to the study of the informal city.

He is the author of several monographs (Il disegno cifrato, Officina Edizioni, Rome 1996; Tracciati d’invenzione, UTET, Torino 2004, and Città: proiezioni e paradossi, Form.act, Rome 2007) and essays and has contributed to various sector-specific magazines.