Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art

Giovanna A. Massari

She has a degree in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano; in 1993, at the same university, she earns the title of PhD in Conservation of Architectural Heritage.

In 1996, she is researcher in the Department of Design of Conservation and History of Architecture of the Politecnico di Milano and begins her academic career with Vittorio Ugo, in the Laboratory of Analysis and Morphological Architecture Models, teaching and researching in the field of architectural and urban survey. Since 2003 she is part of the University of Trento, where she coordinates the teaching program of Representation in the course of Architecture and Building Engineering.

Associate Professor of Drawing since 2006, with the Department of Civil and Environmental Mechanics she conducts theoretical and experimental research in the fields of architectural, urban and environmental survey and graphic communications and multimedia.

Since 2000 she holds the course of Architectural Survey at the School of Specialization in Architectural and Landscape Heritage of the Politecnico di Milano.

Since 2004 she directs the LAMARC (Laboratory of Analysis and Modeling Architecture, Representation and Communication), an integrated structure of scientific experimentation, professional work and training activity around particular themes and types of research.