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Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art

Paolo Giandebiaggi

He graduated with honors from the Faculty of Architecture in Florence in 1987, he enrolled in the Order of Architects of Parma where working in various committees.

Head of the Planning Commission (1992-94), he chaired the Commission for the Quality of Architecture and Landscape (2007-13).

Working at the Faculty of Engineering of Parma since 2002 is full professor in the Faculty of Architecture, where he was president of the courses of study (2004-12).

The research on graphic analysis and representation of urban and environmental architecture, has been the subject of numerous publications, exhibitions and cultural relations at universities and Italian and foreign institutes.

In over 25 years of professional activity he has made public interventions in the areas of education, health, social and other.

Has acquired significant results in energy conservation and welfare, applied to restoration and architectural and urban regeneration.