Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art

Roberto de Rubertis

He is emeritus professor of Sapienza University of Rome, former professor of Architecture Drawing (1981-2011). Architect since 1965 he has designed among other works large residential and service centers (Pesaro 1968-78, Chieti 1976-1978) and museum exhibits (Perugia, Spoleto, Orvieto, Colfiorito). He was president of the course of Graphic and Multimedia Design of the Faculty of Architecture of Rome. He also taught Architectural Survey, Perception and Visual Communication at the Faculty of Architecture of Rome, and Architectural Design at the Faculty of Engineering of Perugia. He founded and directed (since 1986) the magazine "XY dimensions of design". He conducts research in the field of visual perception, the archaeological survey, redevelopment of urban unresolved issues and evolutionism in architecture. His publications include: Project and perception (Officina, Rome 1971), The electronic design (Kappa, Rome 1975), Descriptive Geometry (Kappa, Rome 1975), The design of space (Kappa, Rome 1979), Themes and codes of architectural design (with A. Soletti and V. Ugo, Officina, Rome 1992), The draft of architecture (NIS, Rome 1994), De vulgari architectura (Officina, Rome 2000), Perception and visual communication in architecture (with M. Clemente, Officina, Rome 2001), The removed city (Officina, Rome 2002), The mutant city (Franco Angeli, Rome 2008), Archeological surveys in Umbria (ESA, Naples 2011), Darwin architect (ESA, Naples 2012), The twenty-four places of Architecture (ESA, Naples 2013). In fiction: The bistilloide (Kappa, Rome 2004), Without because (ESA, Naples 2012), The white rope (ESA, Naples 2014).

XY dimensioni del disegno

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