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Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art

Becoming Doctor of Research in Survey and Representation of Buildings and Environment in 1991 with a thesis on the representation of landscape. Researcher since 1992 now is full professor of Theory and Techniques of Representation in the School of Architecture and Society of the Politecnico di Milano. The outputs of her research are published in essays and volumes closely linked to the field of representation although related to interdisciplinary approaches to architecture and environment. Her scientific contributions are mostly on representation of the territory, cultural landscapes, urban simulation. She has taken part in several international and national research programs and is currently Head of the PhD Program in Territorial and Design Government of the Politecnico di Milano. Main educational exchanges with the DESS at the École d'Architecture de Versailles, the Université Lyon III, the École d'Architecture de Lyon, the École d'Architecture de Paris-La Villette, the École d'Architecture de Grenoble, Universidade Technica de Lisboa, Bauhaus Weimar Universität, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitecura ETSA, Madrid.