Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art

Issue 3 | January - June 2017

Telling Pictures. Essays to honour Lucio Saffaro

Languages: English/Italian/Spanish | Pages: 174 | ISBN (paper): 978-88-6049-283-8; 978-88-8443-749-5 | ISBN (online): 978-88-8443-748-8


Due to the figurative genre and the singularity of this research, Saffaro's uniqueness already appears in the little-known pictorial works of the years of youth: as in this figure of body holding a moon flower. Lucio Saffaro, Untitled, 1951-52, tempera coloured paper, 22 x 29 cm. © Collection Lucio Saffaro Foundation, Bologna.