Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art

Percezione e comunicazione visiva dell'architettura

Roberto de Rubertis e Matteo Clemente


Vol: 6

Languages: Italiano

Pages: 112

Isbn: 978-8887570274

Year: 2001

13,00 €

The terms "perception" and "communication", referring to architecture and its representation, are now widely abused with often antiquated and superficial meanings. This book seeks to reveal their physiological and cultural foundations and to clarify their relationship with semiotics, with iconography and design in order to understand the processes by which architecture is conceived and expressed.
A rich repertoire of contemporary artwork actualizes the interest in the subject and offers a number of critical insights with which to meditate on the concepts of information, mystification, authenticity, likeness, subrogation and ostentation that run across the idea of the project.


Capitolo I

Percezione e Geometria

Capitolo II

Il linguaggio dell'architettura

- I problemi

- Il campo d’indagine

- L’architettura come linguaggio di segni

Capitolo III

Gli indicatori del linguaggio architettonico

- Gli indicatori lessicali

- Repertorio iconografico

- Indicatori sintattici