Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art

Vedere con la mente. Una geometria per comprendere lo spazio senza percepirlo visivamente

Lamberto Nasini e Hasan Isawi


Vol: 13

Languages: Italiano

Pages: 86

Isbn: 9788860490070

Year: 2006

11,00 €

This book proposes a learning method of descriptive geometry based on the use of touch, in the absence of the assistance of visual perception, with the intent to also acquire the blind the ability to understand the physical space in which we live. The approach to the basic concepts and experimentation on the architectural forms are conducted through the construction of tangible models and are very useful even for those who see, making it more intuitive its geometric operations. The realization of scale models enables understanding and also control of large spaces, unattainable without the sense of sight, therefore, improves the quality of life also extended to a user.