Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art

Adalberto Libera a Trento. Il palazzo per l’Istituto Nazionale delle Assicurazioni (1936–50)

Cristiana Volpi ( edited by )


Vol: 1

full text

Languages: Italian

Pages: 177

Isbn: 9788855410267

Year: 2023

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The book, also through unpublished materials, aims to illustrate the complex events that accompany the creation and the construction of the National Institute of Insurance building in Trento, to whose project Adalberto Libera dedicates more than a decade over World War II, trying to deal with the theme of living, on the one hand, and develop his research on modern architecture and the relationship with context, on the other. The building’s story is, furthermore, strictly related to the intense construction activity promoted by the insurance company in Italy, and to the new configuration that the city center of Trento assumes during the 1930s over the fascist government. Due to the changing political, social and economic conditions, in the aftermath of World War II the project undergoes a radical and inevitable rethink, and finally contributes to define a new image for the urban area in which it was built.

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Preface. In the shade of the Torrione d’Augusto. Adalberto Libera in Trento, words and syntax
Fabio Campolongo




Piazza Venezia, Largo Porta Nuova and Via Galilei in the redesign of the city of Trento during fascism


The contribution of the National Institute of Insurance to the development of architecture in Italy between the two Wars. The case of Bozen


Adalberto Libera and Trento. Trentino projects of the 1930s


Adalberto Libera and research on the theme of living in the 1930s and 1940s


Adalberto Libera’s first projects for the INA building in Trento (1938–43)


The edification (1946–50)


The INA building and the new face of Largo Porta Nuova and Piazza Venezia in the 1950s


Afterword. Adalberto Libera 1903 – 1963
Marco Mulazzani


Annotated references and documentary sources


Adalberto Libera's projects for the INA building: graphic reconstructions
Cristina Pellegatta


The INA building in Paolo Sandri’s photographs (2018)


English texts. Introduction and chapters abstracts