XY Digitale
Rassegna critica di studi sulla rappresentazione dell’architettura e sull’uso dell’immagine nella scienza e nell’arte

I libri digitali di xy

The series was founded in 2022 by the Università degli Studi di Trento and Il Poligrafo publishing house. It joins the historical series I libri di XY to publish its printed volumes also in open access digital format.

It therefore offers essays oriented to explore the questions of architecture, city and landscape representation, and to investigate the many dimensions of the image in science, technology and art, joining the XY journal with the aim of broadening and consolidating its thematic horizons, especially in its interdisciplinary aspects.

High scientific value volumes (monographs, essays and miscellanies collections) are published with a possible embargo period, if required, with respect to the printed books publication, in the chosen language by the author with an English abstract (5-10% of the full volume).

Editorial policies are available here.


e-ISSN: 2975-0067