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Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art

First annual travelling meeting of the XYdigitale project and the XY journal

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Rome, piazza Borghese 9 – Aula Magna of the Faculty of Architecture

Friday November 29th, 2019 – 2.00 p.m. / 5.00 p.m.

The meeting inaugurates a series of periodic appointments scheduled every last Friday of November, dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the themes to be hosted in the XY journal and, in general, of the areas of interest towards which to direct the initiatives of the XYdigitale project. The Rome event is an opportunity to discuss the proposals already formulated time ago as well as the new ideas and solicitations expressed by the Scientific Committee and the Scientific Review Committee.


Welcome greetings

  • Annamaria Giovenale, Luca Ribichini

Goals of the annual XYdigitale meeting

  • Roberto de Rubertis, Giovanna A. Massari

XY journal: presentation of the topics already proposed

  • The geography of the image, Franco Purini
  • The Trieste School of Experimental Psychology and Studies of Perception, Gianni Contessi
  • Resolution and definition in the images, Edoardo Dotto

XY journal: presentation of unpublished topics and general discussion

  • Image drawings / Image without drawings, Lucio Altarelli
  • The freehand drawing as conceptual expression, Alessandra Cirafici, Paolo Giordano, Ornella Zerlenga
  • Cultural heritage, new technologies and an inclusive society, José Antonio Franco Taboada
  • Other ongoing proposals

The series I libri di XY: new edition

  • Adalberto Libera in Trento. The Palace of the Istituto Nazionale delle Assicurazioni (1937-50), Cristiana Volpi

Applications to host XYdigitale events

  • Event January 31, 2020, at DAStU – Politecnico di Milano, Rossella Salerno
  • Other ongoing proposals

Applications to host XYdigitale Meeting 2020 (11.27.20) and Meeting 2021 (11.26.21)

  • Meeting 2020 at DADI – Università della Campania Vanvitelli – Headquarters of Aversa, Alessandra Cirafici, Paolo Giordano, Ornella Zerlenga
  • Other ongoing proposals

The event is open to the public. For organizational reasons we kindly ask you to report your participation by Friday November 22, 2019, sending an Email to

The video of the event is available on the UniTrento youtube channel.

Report of
Giovanna Massari

Giovanna Massari

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