XY Digitale
Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art


Since 1986, XY dimensioni del disegno was the first journal to focus on architectural and representation studies and the use of images in science and art.

Today XY is confirmed as a critical review of cross-cutting issues concerning drawing, geometry, and graphics in design and cognitive fields. Since 2016, the journal has been published in open access digital format.


Since 1992 I libri di XY has been welcoming research that concerns issues of drawing and visual language in wide-ranging cultural fields. The series deepens the interdisciplinary thematic horizons of the journal publishing monographs, essay collections or miscellanies of high scholarly value, in print format. From 2022 the historical series will be joined by the series I libri digitali di XY, in open access digital format.


I quaderni di XY: obiettivo immagine was founded in 2020 to publish reflections, experiences and documents on the different roles that images take on thanks to the expansion of their use in the contemporary world. The series welcomes research reports, seminar proceedings, exhibition catalogues, qualified teaching materials and more. It is intended for a non-specialist audience and is published in open access digital format.


XYdigitale is an active and dynamic container of accredited information, selected according the idea that the knowledge deepening is based on the intelligent comparison of different disciplines. It is the place for the circulation of ideas concerning the new frontiers of project drawing, the relationships between graphic sciences and multiple fields of knowledge, and the connections between visual studies and cognitive processes.

Journeys through Images

“Journeys through Images” is a project launched in 2023 to spread a message of beauty to humanity through works drawn from art history. Each image is published on the occasion of an annual celebration; the selection of dates is open and based on the universal value of specific ethical choices, as well as the social role of certain festive moments.

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