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Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art


Issue 13 | January – December 2022

Urgency Drawings


Roberto de Rubertis, Giovanna A. Massari


Irene Cazzaro, Cristina Pellegatta, Starlight Vattano

Urgent expressions between science and society

Stamatina Kousidi

On Performance. Addressing environmental phenomena in architecture, from representation to discourse

Atxu Amann, Purificación Bautiste, Josetxu Cánovas

2001- Odyssey at the Academy: women draw

Susana García Bujalance, Elena Enciso Martínez, Francisco José Chamizo Nieto

Phenomenological Cartography as Appropriation of the Inhabited: Gender and City Workshops in Malaga, Spain

Giovanna A. Massari, Patrizia Tomio

Drawing space, giving space to values

XY 13 2022

Iconographic exposition

The artist entrusts one of the most extensive and intense works of land art in Europe with the task of keeping alive the memory of the immense tragedy of the earthquake that struck Gibellina and the entire Belice Valley in 1968. Image taken from Google Street View.Alberto Burri, Grande Cretto, 1984-89 (completed in 2015), white concrete on rubble, Gibellina.
Languages: Italiano/Inglese/Spagnolo
Pages: 103
e-ISBN: 978-88-5541-059-5

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