XY Digitale
Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art


Issue 9-10 | January – December 2020

The Geography of the Image


Franco Purini

Editorial. The Geography of the Image

Riccardo Morri

Producing, Reading and Understanding: Geographical Literacy and Representations

Vincenzo Cristallo, Miriam Mariani

‘Infogeography’ of the Complex Image of Places

Cristiana Bartolomei, Cecilia Mazzoli, Caterina Morganti

Cultural and Geographical Identity in the Japanese Image, between Memory and Creativity

Rossella Salerno

An Archeology of Global Images’ Languages: the Picturesque Case

Valentina Castagnolo, Anna Christiana Maiorano


Daniele Colistra

Ubique Sunt Leones

Pablo J. Juan‒Gutiérrez, Carlos L. Marcos‒Alba, Ángel Allepuz‒Pedreño

The Temporal Geography of the Digital Image, Tempus Fugit?

XY 09-10 2020

The Competition for the Cover Image

Networks, shapes and territories, like expressive colonies, form geo‒graphic spaces. Images and concepts that represent mankind ‘and the’ Earth and mankind ‘on the’ Earth, now saturated by its own images (while forms and images of unknown worlds appear far away).Rosario Marrocco, Metonymy of a (next) image, 2020. Digital drawing, 15×28 cm. © Rosario Marrocco.
Languages: Italian/English/Spanish
Pages: 112
p-ISBN: 978-88-8443-950-5; 978-88-6049-312-5
e-ISBN: 978-88-8443-949-9

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