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Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art


Gli spazi e le immagini: tra materiale e immateriale 

Rossella Salerno

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This contribution aims to discuss the changes in the idea of space today, starting by observing what is occurring in the urban space. This one is more and more shifting to a kind of ‘mediated’ space, able to connect the real experience of a place to a simultaneous potential to receive digital texts and images even if we pass through that place only. So, space seems today able to permit at the same time a local experience and, by digital devices, get in touch to a global dimension. So, this contribution faces such considerations and seeks to open a discussion about digital technologies for creating images, not from the application point of view, rather than considering the epistemic changes introduced in the contemporary spatiality by technologies themselves. If the built space, in fact, seems to be more and more a ‘hybrid space’, we are likely to face a new kind of heterotopy, where tangible aspects of buildings and intangible networks appear deeply intertwined. In other words, the physical space till now described by geometrical and measurable structures shifts to the digital one, in which the subjective perception turns out ‘augmented’ by images’ flow. The images are actually able, based on their feature, to generate interpretative processes and to create collective imaginaries.

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English Abstract
1.0  Introduzione
2.0  “Specie di spazi” e immaginari urbani
2.1  Spatial turn nelle humanities e nelle scienze sociali
2.2  Immaginari tecno−urbani
2.3  Spazi materiali e immateriali
3.0  Digital e media: costruire immagini di città
3.1  Il caso “Milano Porta Nuova”
3.2  Strategie comunicative
3.3  Un processo iconografico multimediale
4.0  Immaginazione, immaginari, iconografie digitali
4.1  Circolazione delle forme e forme della circolazione
4.2  Immagini e interfacce
4.3  Iconografie contemporanee
5.0  Riflessioni conclusive

Section: Ricerche

Vol.: 1

Languages: Italian

Pages: 45


Year: 2021