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Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art

de Rubertis Roberto 

He is emeritus professor of Sapienza University of Rome, former professor of Architecture Drawing (1981-2011). Architect since 1965 he has designed among other works large residential and service centers (Pesaro 1968-78, Chieti 1976-1978) and museum exhibits (Perugia, Spoleto, Orvieto, Colfiorito). He was president of the course of Graphic and Multimedia Design of the Faculty of […]

Temi e Codici del disegno d’architettura

Many of the problems faced today in the field of architectural representation concern massive theoretical issues. The references to the great themes of mimesis and ermeneusi recur every time the question of the image in its content as imitate or interpretation of reality is faced, raising questions that more and more need to be clarified. […]

Issue 2

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Issue 1

Roberto de Rubertis Editorial. The Digital XY project Decio Gioseffi The image as a model of reality Vito Cardone Imagining the cultural area of the visual images Franco Purini The extreme image Gianni Contessi For a new un-contemporariness Francesca Fatta Science and art between time and place: six points of view Rossella Salerno Images in […]