Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art

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A biannual magazine

rivista-semestrale"XY dimensions of design" was the first magazine, since 1986, to deal with studies on the representation of architecture and use of image in science and art. It was proposed as a critical review of cross-cutting issues regarding surveys and graphic communication within project and cognitive matters, immediately aiming for the avant-garde areas in history, theory, experimentation and application.

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The series

collana-libri"The books of XY" gather the research, in a very broad cultural environment, concerning questions of design and visual language. The series explores interdisciplinary thematic horizons of the magazine and gives the reader a collection of essays aimed to explore the problems of architectural representation and investigate the many dimensions of images in science, technology and art.

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A showcase of information

Segnalazioni"XY digital" is an active and dynamic container of accredited information, selected in the belief that the deepening of knowledge is based on intelligent comparison between different disciplines. It is the right place to exchange ideas concerning the new frontiers of project design, the relationship between graphic science and the multiple fields of knowledge and the connections between visual studies and cognitive processes.

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