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Critical review of studies on the representation of architecture and use of the image in science and art

Category: La nuova serie dal 2016

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Issue 15

CALL FOR PAPERS The present meaning associated with the word ‘mountain’ refers to the image of a height of varying size and shape, emerging from

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Issue 13

Roberto de Rubertis, Giovanna A. Massari Editorial Irene Cazzaro, Cristina Pellegatta, Starlight Vattano Urgent expressions between science and society Stamatina Kousidi On Performance. Addressing environmental

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Issue 11-12

Alessandra Cirafici, Paolo Giordano, Ornella Zerlenga Editorial. Freehand Thoughts Rossella Salerno Visualization, Design, Cognition: Describing Places through Drawing Alessandra Avella, Nicola Pisacane Proportions and Geometry

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Issue 9-10

Franco Purini Editorial. The Geography of the Image Riccardo Morri Producing, Reading and Understanding: Geographical Literacy and Representations Vincenzo Cristallo, Miriam Mariani ‘Infogeography’ of the

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Issue 8

Lucio Altarelli Editorial. Threads of design Franco Cervellini The grid Orazio Carpenzano The Field of Stones of Italy. The urban carpet at the foot of the

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Issue 7

Roberto de Rubertis Editorial. The duration of the image Sandra Suatoni Engravings of Italian architects of the late twentieth century. A heritage to identify, safeguard

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Issue 6

Fabio Quici Editorial. Images for a sentient society Michele Emmer A nulle immersion: Klimt in Paris Ghisi Grütter Photography as ‘open work’ and social mirror Enrico Cicalò,

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Issue 5

Paolo Belardi Editorial. WYSIWYG: the solitude of the first letters Pauline Clancy, Richard McElveen Typographic DNA of Place / Idiosyncras(cities) Armando Cano Redondo, Andrés Martínez-Medina

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Issue 4

Paolo Giandebiaggi Editorial. Representing / Imagining Fabrizio L’Abbate SPAC3: space for art RAM radioartemobile SPAC3, the creation of a social artwork Antonella Nota, Anna Caterina

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