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Il disegno signorile. Domus 1930-40. Grafica per la pubblicità e l’arredo

Sergio Bracco

The graphic production contained in the pages of the magazine “Domus” in the decade from 1930 to 1940, shows a remarkable originality, even compared to similar European magazines of the time. Perhaps the level of sophistication changes, but not at the expense of a readable creativity.
There really is in many cases a true happiness of expression; we would think that the size of the commercial design, inartistic and perhaps more about craftsmanship is much less in line with the official events and stereotypes of the period. In this production, an intellectual curiosity for intellects larger than those dictated by local culture is given. The means are simple, the technology of expression certainly not advanced, but instances of “modernity” are obvious. The will to overcome the academic tradition is clear, even if the leaps forward don’t show so much, they’re not an excision from near and distant past.
Even in those difficult years, “Domus” is an expression of altogether rigorous thought. The magazine has often changed routes, but even then it is a brilliant and faithful witness of Italian style not only in decor or furnishings, but also in graphics.


Vol: 4
Langues: Italian
Pages: 207
Year: 1997